Mallard, Marais de Divonne

Robert Hainard 1906-1999



Robert Hainard was born in Geneva, Switzerland on September 11, 1906. Both of his parents were painters. At age 12, Robert Hainard left primary school, homeschooled by his father he began to learn to draw.  In 1921, he entered the Industrial Arts school. While studying there he met his wife, Germaine Roten he married in 1929. They had two children and in 1938 they settled in the town of Geneva Bernex.

Hainard first exhibited his woodcuts in 1929 at Geneva Salon. He worked as a painter, sculptor and printmaker, best known for his woodcuts and lithographs of wildlife.

 Robert Hainard died on 26 December 1999 in Gland in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.

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