Young Golden Eagle

R.B.Talbot Kelly 1896-1971

Born 20 August 1896, Birkenhead, Cheshire. Died in Warwickshire 30 March 1971. Served in Royal Artillery 1915-1929. Painted throughout his army career, exhibiting regularly at RWS. Director of Art at Rugby School 1929-1966. Chief instructor in camouflage, Royal Artillery 1939-1945. Design consultant for the Pavilion of Natural Science at the Festival of Britain in 1951. RWS, RI, founder member of the S.W.L.A..

Familiarity with his subjects, which included both insight and understanding, was the key to Talbot-Kelly’s work. His ability to exclude what he knew to be the facts and concentrate on what he had seen puts his work into the highest category of bird painting.

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