The WildlifeArtGallery.com is an online gallery that specialises in Contemporary and 20th Century Wildlife (and some non-wildlife) paintings and prints.

We have been trading for the past 30 years, the gallery in Lavenham was opened in 1988 but, now is closed and we are continuing to operate predominantly online. This website will be updated regularly with new pictures for sale. Sign up to our email mailing list to be kept up to date with periodic online exhibitions.

Past exhibitions include retrospectives of 20th Century artists Sir Peter Scott, Eric Ennion, Donald Watson, R.B. Talbot Kelly, George Soper and Harry Becker.

Please visit our pictures for sale page to see our current stock.

You can also buy books and prints directly from our store.

We are interested in buying paintings by prominent 20th Century artists. Please send images of paintings, along with their dimensions and relevant information to our email address: wildlifeartgallery@btinternet.com

We are especially interested in work by:

Harry Becker/ Eric Ennion/ Robert Hainard/ R.B. Talbot Kelly/ Donald Watson/             John Busby/ Peter Scott/ Eileen Soper/ George Soper/ Winifred Austen/                   Raymond Sheppard/ Ralph Thompson.